General Rules

Dear friends,
Every year we offer a Winter Round and Summer Round. Each Round consist in posting 4 (four) new problems on Sunday for 15 Sundays in a row. In total, 60 problems will be posted during one Round. We announce the dates of each round on the Home page in "Latest news" window. You are invited to sign in by using your username and password and to solve any problem by choosing an answer.

For each correct answer, you will earn a certain number of points. The person who earns the maximum number of points will be declared the Marathon Winner. Besides choosing a correct answer, you will be asked to provide an explanation of your reasoning. In the case of a detailed explaination (whether your answer was correct of not) you may be rewarded with an extra point (bonus). Here are our rules in more detail. Please, read them carefully:


  1. In order to participate, you must be a student of a school (or on homeschooling).

  2. To begin your participation, you will first need to register by choosing a password and a username. Please, carefully read the form and provide us with all necessary information. It is important to give correct information in order to receive a prize, which will be sent to your school. Note that having more than one account is NOT allowed. Creating more than one profile may exclude you from the game.

  3. When you choose your username and password, please, make sure to use appropriate language or abbreviation. Any combination of symbols that we will find not appropriate (like containing a bad word) may lead to your exclusion from the competition.

  4. Keep your username and password secret but easy to find in case you forget it.

  5. Everyone is welcome to participate in the game and solve the problems but only students from Grades 3 to 12 are eligible for the prizes.

  6. The game consists of solving the total of 60 mathematical problems in a given time slot. Each problem is of a multi-choice type.

  7. You can access this site and solve problems at any time convenient for you until the problem is inactive. You will be told about your result (number of points earned) and invited to solve another problem. After solving all problems form the set, you will be invited to come back for the next set according to our calendar (new problems every Sunday).

  8. Each set of 4 problems contains problems of various levels of difficulty with values from 2 to 5 points (number of points is calculated as level + 1 for the correct answer and 0 points if the answer is not correct). An extra bonus can be given if a detailed explanation is provided (even for the incorrect answer). The number of points earned is calculated automatically by the system. The bonus point can be given by our team of experts in the end of the competition (in March).

  9. The maximum number of points that can be earned for each set is 14.

  10. Once your answer is submitted you will not be able resubmit the answer. If your answer is wrong, the correct solution will be explained to you.

  11. Your progress with solving problems is reflected in My Folder. You can also check for your rank and compare your results with other players.

  12. The certificates for best achievements and active participation will be send to you by e-mail. The certificates for best achievements as well as prizes won will be also sent to your school. Please, make sure to provide us with the correct e-mail and school addresses.