Jalal Almhana

Research Interest

Recent research areas of interest

  • - Context Aware Learning

    - Sensor Networks

    - Vehicle Ad hoc Network (VANET)

    - Green Communications

Expertise in previous research areas

  • - Parallel Architectures and Computing

    - Network Capacity Planning and

       Bandwidth Provisioning

    - Modeling by Petri Nets



2012/9 - 2015/12 Co-Supervisor

Sebgui, Marouane (Completed)

EMI, Mohammed V University, Rabat
Thesis/Project Title: Improving CSMA/CA Networks Performance Under Hidden Collision
Present Position: Assistant professor, EMI, Mohammed V University, Rabat


2017/9 - 2018/9 Principal Supervisor

Das, Bhaskar (In Progress)

Visva-Bharati University
Thesis/Project Title: Cooperative Transmission in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network (VANET)
Present Position: post-doc, Université de Moncton

2013/5 - 2013/8 Principal Supervisor

Karim, Lutful

Université de Moncton
Thesis/Project Title: Mobility-Centric Energy Efficient and Fault Tolerant Clustering Protocol of Wireless Sensor Network
Present Position: professor, Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology

Master’s Thesis

2016/1 - 2018/5 Principal Supervisor

Ameddah, Mohamed Akram (In Progress)

Université de Moncton
Student Degree Expected Date: 2018/5
Thesis/Project Title: Priority based Game-theoretic Algorithm for Traffic Intersections Streaming Using VANET
Present Position: Student, université de Moncton

2015/1 - 2018/5 Principal Supervisor

De Sousa, Kevin (Completed)

Université de Moncton
Thesis/Project Title: Optimizing data transmissions in power-constraint wireless sensor network
Present Position: Student, Université de Moncton

2014/6 - 2017/4 Principal Supervisor

Said, Jihed Eddine (Completed)

Université de Moncton
Thesis/Project Title: Connectivity Management of Mobile Sensor Nodes in WSN
Present Position: Analyst programmer

2012/1 - 2014/4 Principal Supervisor

Kwatirayo, Sylvere (Completed)

Université de Moncton
Thesis/Project Title: Toward smart road traffic management; case of intersections traffic control.
Present Position: Consultant