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We are back!

Our new problem-solving game starts shortly, on Sunday, April, 6th, 2015. It is an entertaining and enriching experience. Comme and enjoy playing year around!

Virtual Mathematical Marathon


Dear Friends of mathematics!

We are happy to invite you to join our Virtual Mathematical Marathon which has been developed by an international team of mathematicians, mathematics educators and computer science specialists with the help of the Canadian National Science and Engineering Research Council and its PromoScience program.


The main activity is a competition allowing you to enjoy solving challenging mathematical problems all year around. You can join the game at any time and at no costs simply creating an individual profile with an individual username and a password. If you prefer the French language, you can switch it at any time by clicking on French at the upper-right corner of the screen.


Starting on April, 6th, 2015, new rules of the game will apply. The marathon will be a year-around venture, till January, 2, 2016. Every Sunday,  we will be posting 4 (four) new problems. All participants, once thay earn 14 points, will receive an electronic certificate attesting participation. Several certificats will also be awarded for merits and perseverance. Detailed list of Winners and Laureats of  2014 Winter Competition will be added soon.

New round is coming, please, come and play!

The site is newly created and you are its first users. Please, share with us all experiences by e-mail using our contact us page or simply be sending an e-mail to V.Freiman at


Let’s enjoy mathematics together!