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The Ecosage Circle

Ecosages are human beings who can live in a reasonable way in and with their environment. The Circle is a group of these people trying to change their behaviour so as to help the climate. During the workshops, the participants will be invited to become ecosages and to share their experiences

Climate change, Kyoto, CO2, warming… how to see it clearly? We are offering you workshops to better understand these crucial environmental issues and to look at how they can be broached in the classroom.


First day :

- information on climate change: nature of the phenomenon, signs, causes and provincial impacts;
- continuum on environmental values;
- fieldtrip and solo in nature;
- creativity techniques to think of ways that we could live differently and to face the barriers that make it difficult to adopt pro-environmental behaviour;
- challenge teachers by asking them to teach their students about climate change in order to get them to change their behaviour. The teachers will be encouraged to try to change one or two behaviours in their own lives at the same time as their students. We will give ideas of pedagogical activities to the teachers;
- the Ecosage circle during which teachers commit and share their objectives of teaching activities and personal behaviour change;
- time given to the participants to plan their class interventions.









Second day :

- information on climate change : adaptation measures;
- sharing of the teachers' experiences as ecosages;
- sharing of their experience in the classroom: what they did, what worked, what did not work;
- experimentation of different activities on climate change education;
- information on the new teaching resources in climate change education;
- reflection and sharing in the Ecosage circle.


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Sponsors :

Climate Change Action Fund

Isabelle Levesque
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