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Be A Hero and Help Your Students Become Heroes

Professional Development on CLIMATE CHANGE EDUCATION
The Mutant's Circle

Professional development sessions on climate change education (Free !)
Possibility of obtaining 3 credits towards a *Bachelor's or *Master's degree from Université de Moncton
  • Pedagogical activities linked to your level of curriculum
  • Interdisciplinary approach for crosscurricular integration
  • Activities-based workshops : FUN
  • Motivate students through stories about young environmental heroes
  • Be part of an ongoing research project on environment education
  • Design your own lessons with colleagues
  • Involve students in nature watch activities

(*with supplementary projects)

What will you learn ?

1st session (September or October - offered on a Saturday from 9:00 to 4:00, and a Sunday from 9:00 to 12:00) Check the dates of the sessions offered in your region.

  • Overview of project and website "The Mutant's Circle".
  • Climate change : what you know, what others think. What climate change is, its' causes, signs and consequences in Atlantic Canada.
  • Experimentation of practical activities that can be used with your students.
  • Time to become familiar with pedagogical material already available.

2nd session (November, December 2002 or January 2003 - offered on a Saturday from 9:00 to 4:00, and a Sunday 9:00 to 12:00) Check the dates of the sessions offered in your region.

  • Experiment with various teaching methods in environmental education :
    • future education (envision the future)
    • education for sustainability
    • socioconstructivist approach
    • role playing
    • environmental values education.
  • Presentation and discussion of a model for climate change education.
  • Familiarisation with projects such as Plant Watch, Flowering NB, Thousand Eyes (NS), Worm Watch, Frog Watch, Ice Watch. Activity-based projects for everyone.
  • Learn techniques to sample and analyse water, calculate current flows and evaluate biodiversity.
  • Develop your own teaching model aiming to change student behaviour.

Research and experimentation period (February, March & April - in your classroom)

Experiments in changing behaviour, students observations recorded and participant exchange (students and teachers) through information added to the website.

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3rd session (April, May or June 2003 - offered on a Saturday from 9:00 to 4:00, and a Sunday from 9:00 to 12:00) Check the dates of the sessions offered in your region.
  • Teachers share their activities and experimentation of teaching models and analyse results together.
  • Identification of barriers for implementing ecological monitoring or "action" research in schools.
  • Learn about experiential activities also answering to participants' needs.
  • Review on nature monitoring programs.

To register : Thematic Seminar, Master's level

To register (before September 15):
Éducation permanente
Université de Moncton
Moncton, Nouveau-Brunswick
E1A 3E9
email: edperm@umoncton.ca
Telephone: (506) 858-4121 or 1-800-567-3236
Fax: (506) 858-4489

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3 credit course : Bachelor level
Education 4110 - Thematic Seminar :
2 supplementary projects in addition to the sessions
Cost: $387


3 credit course : Master's level
Education 6222 - Didactique approfondie (Teaching In-Depth)
3 supplementary projects in addition to the sessions
Cost: $447

Non-credit sessions:

Education on Climate Change (The Mutant's Circle)
No fee. Travel expenses not refunded.

To register : Non-credit sessions

Register before September 15 at :
Note : if you register, the 3 sessions are obligatory
Telephone : (506)858-4405 or 4408
Fax : (506)858-4317
Ask for Beth, Joanne or Eileen
email: langisj@umoncton.ca
On the On Line Registration

Send by mail :
Name: ___________________
Address: ___________________________
School & School District:__________________________________
School Fax: ______________________
Telephone: (h)________(w)__________
Email : ___________________________
Grade level : ______________________
Place where you would like to attend the sessions: _______________________

Education Faculty
Research group Littoral et vie
Université de Moncton
Moncton, NB
E1A 3E9

Training locations

New-Brunswick :

- October 19 & 20, December 14 & 15, May 3 & 4

Hugh John Flemming Forestry Centre/Forest Ranger School, 1350 Regent St.


Nova Scotia :

- November 2 & 3, January 17 & 18, April 19 & 20

Dartmouth Sportsplex, 110 Wyse Rd., Dartmouth (near Ferry Terminal to downtown Halifax)

Newfoundland and Labrador :
St John's

- September 14 & 15, November 16 & 17, May 31 & June 1

Memorial University, Gushue Hall- building 30-C (Junior Common Room R., located upstairs), parking available in front of Gushue Hall - the road parallel to Prince Philip Dr. and in area 12.

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Sponsors : Climate Change Action Fund
New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund
Éducation permanente, Université de Moncton
Faculté des études supérieures et de la recherche, Université de Moncton

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