Visualization activity on adaptations to climate change

Bounty's Daily
September 22, 2033

The government has just declared the community of Stuckbad a disaster area. However, the army is having a difficult time reaching Stuckbad as the routes are still impassable. Last week, the community was the victim of a huge storm of rain, freezing rain, and wind along with a storm surge. The storm lasted five consecutive days and coincided with the high tides. The only bridge linking Stuckbad with the mainland is covered with 30 cm of ice. The bridge's solidity is further threatened by an accident in which a big truck hit the underpinnings of the bridge.

The high seas caused flooding in most houses and businesses as well as on the roads. On the second day of the storm, the temperature went down to -5oC, conditions which created the formation of a thick layer of ice on the roads, the trees and the electrical wires. This provoked an electrical power outage throughout the entire community. The blackout has lasted 3 days and resources have yet to be put in place to rectify this situation.

Here is a list of the most striking impacts:
- The apple trees in the orchard and the ginseng fields have been completely destroyed by the storm and since the harvest was not yet finished, farmers' revenues will be affected.
- The storm that occurred in the middle of lobster season caused the collapse of the wharf, destroyed boats, lobster traps and aquaculture sites.
- The ice-covered roads are preventing the population from moving. Food and other necessary supplies cannot be delivered to citizens.
- People's safety is also compromised due to the impossibility for them to get to the nearby hospital in Bounty, or to receive help from them.
- The inability of the police to get around has increased the risks of vandalism.
- The situation is also serious due to the possible contamination of the drinking water from flooding. Unfortunately, many homes have no water due to frozen pipes.
- The population's health is threatened, especially those who suffer from cardiac and respiratory ailments, and particularly seniors. The number of broken bones has increased due to falls on the ice.

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After having read this article, you realize that your community could experience a similar situation. You decide to create a committee responsible for finding solutions in the case of a community catastrophe. The committee decides that the school will become the rescue centre for coordination of efforts dealing with the population.

What adaptations need to be undertaken to face a similar situation?

With your team, find measures to put into place that will respond to infrastructure problems, economic, social, environmental and health problems. The answer to these questions may help in finding necessary measures.

What is done in the school cafeteria?
What do the students do during their art and music classes?
What do the students do during their science courses?
What do the students do during their social studies courses?
What do students do to protect coastal species?
What does the school do with the approach of a storm?
What does the school do when people don't want to leave their homes and these are flooded?
What does the school do in the case of a power outage?
What does the school do when the apple orchards and the community gardens are destroyed by storms?

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