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Presentation on : The Socioconstructivist Approach in Environmental Education

Presentation on : Participatory Rural Appraisal

A Climate Change Education Model : Young visionaries

Why and How do we change our behaviour toward the environment?

Nature Watch teaching activities


After the teachers' participation to the first two sessions, they were asked to prepare their own teaching model on climate change education. These models are added on this page. As these are only proposed models, they will probably change over time. (The names of the teachers have been changed).

Mrs. Kim's teaching model (K-3)

Mrs. Bonnie's teaching model (grade 5)

Mrs. Lana's and Mrs. Elaine's teaching model (grade 5 and grades K,1,2)

Mrs. Connie's, Mrs. Harriet's and Mr. Ron's teaching model (grade 3)

Mrs. Penelope's teaching model (grades 11 & 12)

Mrs. Henriette's teaching model

Mrs. Manon's teaching model (grade 1)

Mrs. Tonia' teaching model (grades 3,4,5)

Mrs. Pauline's teaching model (kindergarten)

Mrs. Lorna's teaching model (grades 4 & 5)


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