Littoral et vie research group

The Littoral et vie research group was created in 1996 for the purpose of an environmental education project in the coastal village of Cap-Pelé, a small fishing community in south-eastern New Brunswick. For more information on this project, visit the Littoral et vie website.

Since then, Littoral et vie has worked on different projects that involved citizens of coastal communities in the protection of their environment.In the year 2000, the group began its involvement in climate change education through a project called Young Visionaries.

In 2002, the Mutants' Circle project focused on sensitizing teachers from all grade levels in the four Atlantic Provinces to climate change education. Together, group facilitators and teachers explored different pedagogical approaches. The project also focused on trying new environmental behaviours that could help reduce personal carbon dioxide emissions. Finally, the project also served as the basis for research, which looked at the process of change involved when people try new pro-environmental behaviours.

The second phase of the Mutants' Circle called the Ecosage Circle, will work with teachers and citizens from different social groups from the Dieppe and St-Louis de Kent communities in New Brunswick. Also focused on climate change education, the project will look more closely at vehicle emissions and individual actions to reduce CO2 emissions.


Littoral et vie research group is under the direction of Diane Pruneau, Ph. D. professor at the education faculty of l'Université de Moncton. Mrs. Pruneau is assisted by André Doyon, Ph.D. also professor at the same faculty. The other members of the group are:

Joanne Langis, BSc and Masters in Environmental Studies
Eileen Ouellet, retired teacher
Gilles Martin, BSc., BEd. and Masters in Environmental Studies (in process)


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