Mutants' plans

The mutant-teachers have each chosen a personal action that he or she will try. Here are some examples of the chosen actions :

Prince-Edward-Island :

" Minimize my water-use by adding less water in the bath, by taking my bath with my children and by washing the dishes as soon as I prepare the water in order to avoid having to add hot water later to warm it.

" Bring a lunch with less waste by buying my yogurt in a big container and dividing it in reusable plastic containers. Put my sandwich in a reusable container instead of in a bag.

" Minimize my travelling by going to work with another person.


Newfoundland :

"Turn off the water while I brush my teeth, turning off the lights when getting out of a room and turning the dishwasher on at night instead of in the morning when there is a great demand for electricity."

"Turning off my computer monitor when I'm not using it and getting my co-workers to do the same and turning off the lights when leaving a room."

"Only turning the burner on for the kettle when I want tea, only washing my clothes when I have a full load, recycling cans and bottles and keeping the refrigerator door closed as often as possible."


New Brunswick

" Turning off every computer at school and my computer at home."

"Reducing and trying to eliminate my use of paper towels."

"Trying to get the cafeteria at school to change their paper plates and plastic utensils."

"Washing clothes in cold water and only when I have a full load, hanging the clothes for them to dry, recycling my kids' clothes and turning off the lights."

"Reducing waste in the cafeteria at school."

" Stop buying water when I can use the one at home."


Isabelle Levesque
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