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Here is a list of Internet Web sites related to climate change.

The Official One Tonne Challenge website

The One Tonne Challenge (activities)

One less tonne

School's Ecological Footprint

Energy Sourcebooks

Water Woes

Great Salmon Challenge

A Walk in the Woods

Hurricane Juan

Leonardi DiCaprio's website on the environment

Ryan's Well Foundation

Websites found for sciLINK - Natural Resources

Celebrate Earth Day

The Water Sourcebooks

Canadian Environmental Education Curriculum Assessment Program

Global Environmental Change and Our Health

The David Suzuki Foundation

Evergreen Theatre

Sierra Club of Canada

Pembina Institute

Climate Change Hotmap

Kids For Saving Earth

The Top Ten Weather Stories for 2002 (Environment Canada)

Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future - A Multimedia Teacher Education Programme (works with Internet Explorer)

GreenCom (in the Projects section)

World View of Global Warming

UpEnvironmental Choice Program

Climate Ark

Climate Change Center - Clean Nova Scotia

C-CIARN Coastal Zone

Pew Center on global climate change

Canada's National Climate Change Process

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Climate change impacts and adaptation - agriculture, forestry and water resources

The Science of Climate Change

Meteorological Service of Canada

Ice Storm

Government of Canada Climate Change Web site

A Primer on Climate Change

Exhaustion: A Guide to Transportation Emissions

Clean Water--Life Depends on It!

Water Pollution

Community Efforts

Nature Serve

Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric Environment

Climate Change and Marine Ecosystems in U.S.

Climate Change in the Atlantic provinces

Eastern Canada Soil and Water Conservation Centre

Climate Platform

Climate Change (government of India)

Go for Green

Car Busters

Fredericton's Hands-On Science Centre

US Global Change Research Program

The Green Squad


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