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This ice-breaker activity uses different types of handshakes to encourage people to meet each other.

The Giant: Grab your partner's hand in a very strong handshake. The aim is to intimidate.

The Blood Donor: Pump, pump, pump your partner's hand! You can feel your heart beat at the same rate as you squeeze and release your partner's hand.

The Dead Fish: Have you ever heard of the expression " Like a dead fish ?" Squeeze your partner's hand in a soft clammy way.

The Finger Tips :Give a hand shake using just the tips of your fingers. Just grab your partner's fingertips. The palms aren't involved.

The Swing : When you grab your partner's hand swing it back and forth like a skipping rope.

The Milk-Man or Milk-Woman: Grab your partner's fingers and pull on them as if you where milking a cow.

The Sandwich: This handshake consists of putting your partner's hand between your two hands. Make him or her feel important.

The twist: When you take your partner's hand twist it so that your hand faces the top and then twist it again so that his hand is facing the top.

The Clap : Take hold of your partner's hand and with your other hand clap or slap the back of his or her hand.

The Persistant: Hold your partner's hand for a long time without moving or releasing it and stare him or her in the eye.

Hi five : Hit the palm of your hand in the palm of your partner's hand.

The Fist: Ask your partner to make a fist and do the same. Lightly hit your fist on top of his or hers and then reverse positions. (Your partner hits your fist when placing it on top of yours.

The Elbow: Using your right elbow hit your partner's right elbow.

The bump: Give your partner's left hip a "bump" using your right hip. Then bump your left hip on his or her right one.

The respectful: Kiss the hand of his or her majesty!






Isabelle Levesque
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