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The Climate Heroes Game

The Climate Heroes Game encourages students to think of their daily actions and link them to green house gas production, helping them reflect on contemporary values and environmental consequences.

The game squares are set on the floor. The first square is called: Towards responsible environmental behaviour and the last square: Climate Heroes . In between these, two other squares are set alternatively: the Good Actions and Define the Emissions squares along with a few Surprise Card squares. The players are in groups of 2 or 3 and advance on the cards using a dice and a pawn. When a team lands on a square called Good Actions, one member must name a good action that he or she does or has done to help the environment. If this person fails to do so this team must back up by one square.

When a team arrives on a square called Define the Emissions one member picks up a Card. There are two types of cards: What need does this action fulfill?... and How does this action produce emissions?… If they pick a card What need does this action fulfill? …a member must say why a person would take on the action described on the card (what need is fulfilled by doing this action) and then explain how else we could act to satisfy the same need but in a more environmentally friendly way. For example: if a card says: I buy many CDs to have different types of music to relax by… The answer could be: We could form a amateur music club where the members could loan each other their CDs or listen to different types of music together thereby reducing consumption.

If the team picks a card How does this action produce emissions… a member must identify how the action on the card causes emissions and what can be done to reduce the emissions produced. For example if a card says: I always buy the latest books on a variety of subjects… we can say that this action produces gases because it means producing a lot of paper which means using a lot of energy (often fossil fuels) which emit gases. To reduce emissions I can borrow books from others or go to the library.

When a team answers a card Define the Emissions correctly it stays where it landed. If it answers incorrectly it must go back one square.

There are fewer squares of Surprise Cards. When a team lands on it, a member picks up a card and answers the question. If the answer is correct the team may advance by the number of “smiley face stickers” on the card. If not, it goes back one square.

The game squares are placed on the floor in the form of a giant S. The squares Define the Emissions and Good Actions are placed one after the other with a few Surprise Cards placed here and there. A rope can be placed to act as a snake between certain cards where it makes a team advance or back up. The game is played until one team arrives at the final square Climate Heroes.

As for the Good Actions and the answers to the questions, the teacher or the group or both can act as judges of the given answers.


Square - Towards responsible behaviours

Square - Define the Emissions

Square - Good Actions

Square - Surprise Card

Square - Climate Heroes

Card - Emissions card (one side)

Define the emissions (other side)

Card - Emissions card (one side)

Needs cards (other side)

Card - Surprise questions (one side)

Surprise question (other side)




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