Flower buds and temperature


Level :

Length :

Materials :
- flowers in bud (rose or carnation)
- cold water
- room temperature water
- warm water
- 4 vases or jars

Link with climate change

Scientists are predicting a temperature increase with climate change. They think temperatures in the spring will warm faster than in previous decades. Spring plants are sensitive to climate change and therefore spring temperatures. This activity shows how temperatures can influence the blooming of flowers.

Description of the activity:

- Give to each student a flower in bud (rose or carnation).
- Divide the class into 4 groups for different temperature conditions:

- Cold water in the room
- Cold water in a cold room
- Room temperature water and away from direct sunlight
- Warm water (not too hot!) in direct sunlight

- Each student monitors the opening of their flower

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A similar activity can be done with flower bulbs

Planting bulbs for Easter

- Each student receives a bulb to plant in a small pot of soil and decides where the pot will be. Some are in cool places, some along the windows, some in the shade, etc.
- Ask the students to predict which ones will grow faster,
- The students monitor which plants are growing faster,
- Data can be entered on computer and analysed.

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