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Implementing the One Tonne Challenge

How to motivate children to take on new actions?

District 2

- Information on climate change evidence… Poster, presentation, research, get them to present bits of information ex. Poster
- Empowerment (distribute a list of actions that can be done)
- Contest: individual or between classes (bring in apple cores, packaging)
- Use themes
- Tip of the month
- Recycling paper .. find the greatest number of ways to do this
- Club of students
- Having the students do it is more meaningful and less work for the teacher
- Make it fun
- Use activities given during the workshop
- Graphically show progress, statistics, kw/h
- Check who uses both sides of paper; calculate how much paper you could save by using both sides
- Get district and media involved
- Watch water use
- Keeping a journal or calendar to quantify actions
- Teachers can act as role models
- Involve home and school ex. Recyclable containers for lunches
- Fore fundraising, sell cloth bags, light bulbs that are energy efficient


- Display: What can be produced with recycled materials?
- Easy to incorporate: heat and transfer unit, water quality unit, science fair
- Class challenge: focus on 3 things we can do to reduce GHGs
- Set up a competition among classes: calculate total savings and chart them. Prize at the end (plant and name a tree). New habits may form. Next challenge: 3 new specific things to focus on to reduce GHGs

Prince Edward Island

- Make students aware that climate change is really occuring and that the fishing industry could be seriously affected. Many students think that they're losing their time at school since they will become fishermen with their father's equipment. Make them realise that fishing might not be as productive;
- Before participating in the One Tonne Challenge (OTC), students must learn about the problem. Then, the teacher should act as a model. And it's important to celebrate the changes, the successes;
- Keep a journal to explain the changes;
- Include the entire school in the OTC;
- Have a special day, for example, Earth Day;
- Have an enviro-club at school;
- Build teams of change between older and younger students;
- Set up the challenge with the community;
- Students love competition, set up the challenge between 2 classes;
- Let the students choose their action;
- Have visual aids to present the OTC;
- Do a project, for example send the rest of school supplies to Colombia at the end of the school year;
- Farmers helping farmers : program where we can send money to a farmer in another country so he can build a well for his community;
- Have theme days, ex : no garbage…;
- Weigh the quantity of garbage produced in a day.

Isabelle Levesque
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