Lorna's teaching model
(grades 4 and 5)

Solo activity: in a park, sit quietly for 5 minutes, observe for 5 minutes, touch a non-living object for 5 minutes - bring back the non-living object to class
Complete a chart by brainstorming what they heard, saw and touched.

The Mutants' Circle : using a rope, read the story of the Mutants' Circle and ask students to commit to becoming a mutant by tying on a thread
Students write an essay about their solo and include a goal for helping the environment

Join the IceWatch program via computer
Complete a daily log of ice observations (volunteers)
Once a week, the class will walk down to the ice - observing changes
Daily temperature changes will be recorded throughout the month of April

Have a contest to guess the date the ice cover will leave!

Finish April with a mutants' circle gathering, do an Inukshuk activity
Students write an essay on their experiences and reflect on original goals.


Clip art licensed from the Clip Art Gallery on DiscoverySchool.com