Mrs. Lana's and Mrs. Elaine's teaching model
(grade 5 and grades K,1,2)

Read the book "For the Love of the Earth" by P.K. Hallinan, define and discuss climate change.

Do two solos: one in the woods and one in a less-attractive area. Record observations during these solos and compare them using the Venn diagram.

Introduce a schematic drawing of the greenhouse effect and list causes from solo observations

Problem-solving: collect and display school garbage. Visit a landfill. Brainstorm ideas on ways to reduce waste. Then come up with solutions to reduce waste.

Read "Junk-Pile Jennifer" by John F. Green. Use ideas to create what, would, if futurist scenarios. Choose one to present on Parent Night.

Celebrate Earth Day by building sculptures from waste!

Do a Nature Walk using sensory techniques. Read the book "Who Needs The Forest" by Marie Faulds Resmer. Photograph, do bark rubbing, collect items for sensory box. Begin draft of a class story.

Work on futurist scenario for Parent Night.

Invite students to become members of the Mutants' circle.

Other activities to follow…!


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