Henriette's Teaching Model

Creating a bond with nature:
a) Bring the students in contact with nature: choose a tree…the students observe then draw their tree.
b) Do the solo activity, then write a poem which describes their experience.

Awareness and knowledge:
Greenhouse effect experiment, experiment with flowers, with the help of the poster

Organize a mini-debate (or two):
a) Live with my electronic toys vs. a walk in the forest
b) Cut down the forest for a skateboard field vs. preserve the forest

Choose a group project, introduce the Mutants' Circle and the website. Do a follow-up of their behaviour changes.

Other activities:
a) Continue to cultivate the bond with nature
b) Have a corner to post articles to increase their level of understanding on climate change, and discussions to better establish their environmental values.



Clip art licensed from the Clip Art Gallery on DiscoverySchool.com