French as a Second Language: For Linguistic and Cultural Enrichment
Special Online Courses Designed for Health Professionals

These two courses are designed to provide French language skills and cultural expertise appropriate for the work environment to health professionals concerned about the well-being of their patients.


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Each course is comprised of ten modules dealing practical health-related issues:

Course 1 Intermediate level

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 1)    Nutrition and Health
 2)    Workplace Health
 3)    Natural Health Products
 4)    Physical Activity and a Healthy Lifestyle
 5)    Dental Health
 6)    Caffeine, Energy Drinks and your Health
 7)    Safety and Pleasure of Summer and Winter
 8)    Tanning
 9)    Increase in the Incidence of Allergies
 10)    Cancer


Course 2 Advanced level

 1)    Sleep and your Health
 2)    The Prevention of Hearing Lost
 3)    Privacy Protection and the Disclosure of Health Information
 4)    Heart Disease at Any Age
 5)    Healthy Aging
 6)    Depression - One of the Current Public Health Challenges?
 7)    Is Diabetes on the Rise in Canada?
 8)    Menopause and Andropause
 9)    Sexually Transmitted Infections
 10)    Travelling Healthily
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Both courses focus on French-language training through the use of authentic documents and by way of four aptitudes for second language learning, that is, oral and written comprehension and oral and written expression. How to answer explicit and contextual knowledge-based questions will also be addressed. The ability to answer opinion questions and to give advice on a variety of topics will also be developed. Special attention will be given to Acadian vocabulary as it relates to health issues.

Pacement Test
This test will assess your level of proficiency in French. Essentially, this exercise allows you to check if you are the ideal candidate for this course. If your score is:

0 to 5 This course may be difficult for you. You can still choose to follow.
6 to 8 This course may be a little difficult for you, but you seem to have sufficient knowledge to help you profit.
9 to 15 You seem to have the knowledge necessary to fully enjoy this course.

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Intended Clientele: Health professionals

Mode of Delivery: Online

Duration of each Course: 10 weeks
Course 1 - Intermediate level
Course 2 - Advanced level

Number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs): 3 per level

Information: (506) 858-4121

Information  Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

This is a training activity offered in accordance with SOFEDUC quality standards, including learning evaluations. As such, the accredited training body, in this case, the Continuing Education Office will issue a certificate of completion on which the SOFEDUC seal will be affixed together with the initials CEU, to participants who have met the training objectives.

One continuing education unit (CEU) represents 10 hours of attendance at a structured training activity that has been organized and supervised by an accredited body, facilitated by qualified trainers and officially recognized through evaluation. The continuing education unit is a standardized means of recognition of training activities in which an adult may participate throughout his or her lifetime. It is evidence of the quality of a training activity. The CEU is used in the administration of training activities for which no credits are awarded.

The development of this course was made possible by a financial contribution from Health Canada
as part of the Roadmap for Canada's Official Languages 2013-2018: Education, Immigration, Communities.

Consortium national de formation en santé Université de Moncton - Éducation permanente