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Question 9: What do you find inspiring as an artist?


The inspiration comes from reality, really reality. Even if a lot of people don’t see me as a pragmatic realist, it’s really what I am, a pragmatic realist, dreamer. I’m interested in social problems, but the whole aspect: Ok I’m in the arts, making a piece of art, how is that going to change a situation. That can be pretty disappointing because I don’t think that the arts changes things really. Maybe it changes things, but it changes so slowly, but that’s life, that’s really life, unfortunately, things don’t change very fast. But I’m interested in social problems, I am very interested in what is referred to as “urban sprawling” and all the ecological problems that are related to that, and problems related to age, not genetic age but the biological problems with everything that we do in terms of the gene. Because I’m concerned that’s things that interest me. How can I express my worry or hopelessness or my joy? Real problems really and problems of my existence, of hope, dreams and humanity.