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Question 8: How do you approach the creation of a new work? Do you have a specific method or way of initiating the process?


Well that’s pretty easy, it always starts around an idea, either around an idea or a sentiment, feeling. With Même un détour serait correct I was interested in looking at the aspect of gated communities, and the suburbs, how we build houses now, so it’s a project that looks at urbanism – a kind of urbanism gone mad – but also where myself as a human being, communities as a whole, how we fit in them, and what it all mean. So in terms of the idea, in terms of the pencil, piece of paper, scribbles, I scribble, maybe scribbles are a form of fetish or incantation. I scribble, and in the same manner as we used to read chicken guts, I try to read my scribbles. Yes, in terms of the idea, it’s most often at a conceptual level, projects develop like that.