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Question 20: In reflecting on your overall production, what are your thoughts on your work as an artist?


It’s all over the place. What a thought. Sometimes it’s… At some point I read somewhere that it was good for your spirits… If you apply for something, it’s “no,” and life… the life of an artist, it’s often like that. Sometimes there are periods that are really good, where you have grants, exhibitions, people like your work, and then, all of a sudden, for some strange reason, nothing works, there are fewer grants or no grants, and many times the answer is “no.” Often during periods like this, it’s not a bad idea to look at the documentation of what was done before, to tell yourself, Look, I did quite a bit of stuff and it’s not bad. To get your spirits back. So sometimes I do that, I look at the whole of what I’ve done and I tell myself, I’ve done quite a bit. But, I find it more exciting to look to the future and to tell myself it’s like foundations for what is to come really. The last project is the one I’m the most occupied with, and the projects to come are really the second. That, oh I’d like to do that as my next project, or two projects from now. I have a lot of writing projects in the next… that I started, script projects that I’m doing in collaboration with my partner Valerie LeBlanc. They are dramatic projects where things are going on between people. But these are things that aren’t going to be finalized or completed for 1-2-3 years, so there is a sort of gradation of projects to come.