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Question 19: Which of your pieces are you most satisfied with, and why is that so?


Oh well that changes. Big projects like Cube Aleph, it’s because I started my artistic career with that, it really influenced me and there are important influences like that. But there are a lot of things that I did that weren’t published or the projects weren’t completed, among them there are things I like a lot, that I turn back to from time to time: Oh, I should do something with that! Maybe because I’m an existentialist, the project that I just finished is usually the project that excites me the most, that I’m the most caught up with. And right now, well its kind of half way between two. Free Market Karaoke, that was an interactive music project with stock market quotes, it kept me busy for quite awhile, and it kept me excited too, the way the project developed. And now, I’ve just finished a project of poem videos on DVD. It’s still in my head. So the most recent projects are the most exciting, really. Even scribbles, the little drawings that I do, sometimes I really like them, they’re nice so I put them on my website somewhere.