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Question 18: What is your purpose in art-making?


Really to give meaning to what surrounds me. To understand. When I do a project, well I know that I’m going to do this, go there, then do this. But once I’m there, maybe something’s going to come up that will change the entire course of the project. So I’m open to change, I’m open to the fact that some projects won’t work, that the original idea was good. You have to be open to the possibility of failure and failure isn’t a bad thing. Interesting accidents also come about when you fail. Increasingly, my vision of things is to really give meaning to what surrounds me and to my life, what I see, and to try to contribute, to tell people this. Because art, like anything else, if it’s hermit art, it will stay in a little box and nobody will look at it. So I’m interested in sharing with people and having a kind of discussion about what it is. And not just my stuff either, but about what’s going on, where we are, you know important matters, where we are, where we’re going, things like that.