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Question 17: In your opinion, how could society provide better support for the dissemination and the development of visual arts?


Well two systems: the American system where the government isn’t involved at all, or very little, based on foundations created by individuals who’ve donated money to support the arts really. And at a popular level well, it’s what is more popular, that we see. So if society was interested in supporting, yes money is always one thing but… I think that in terms of the society, it’s really that people be conscious of diversity also in terms of… Everybody is pretty aware of the importance of biological diversity but artistic diversity is probably something that should be looked at as well. It’s not just traditional music, nor just abstract painting or just interactive arts. There needs to be a mix of all kinds of things and I think that we need to encourage these mixes and interaction between people. But I really don’t have a formula, we should do this or that. I think it’s up to people from different places, communities, to get together and to say we want this, it’s important. The launching of all those artist-run centres in the 70s was an experience like that. Young people who had started it… who didn’t have anywhere to exhibit and they said, Well what are we going to do, are we going to do nothing? So they got together and they said, We want to create other centres. But now, these centres are just as conservative, just as anchored in routine as the centres that came before them, so there is always a need for renewal and to bring new ideas and to bring youth, invite youth and invite the elderly, ask everybody to participate. But I think participating, talking, and if there’s something, a need, well try to meet that particular need.