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Question 16: Do you think an artist has a specific role to play in society? If so, what is it?


A role of entertainment for sure, which was really the traditional role of artists really, to entertain, which I think is still the primary role, to entertain. The art that I’m interested in isn’t necessarily entertainment or maybe it could be contemplation. I’m also interested in art that entertains. Particularly in terms of music, I like to do things that please me, but that I hope others enjoy as well. It depends on the type of role that artists feel, what they feel they must do, what they’re working with. Personally, I think that art can bring change, but if we really want to change things, we can make a greater difference if we go out in the field and do something more concrete than creating art. Art’s a funny thing. It’s important, naturally, but mostly in terms of the type of art that interests me, it’s often… I have these kind of artistic identity crisis because I’m interested in social problems and in politics and the economy. Sometimes I tell myself maybe I’ll do something else that is more direct, that makes more sense, but really it’s a personal quest also, to try and create meaning with what surrounds me, so yes, creating meaning.