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Question 12: Are there any noteworthy events that influenced your career?


Having the opportunity to work on La Course autour du monde, to do amazing projects and to work with people from Radio-Canada in Montréal, who were really interesting, and here in Moncton. La Course autour du monde, Canada World Youth was a memorable experience, Cube Aleph, Scotcher’s Bay, September 11, 2001. A little like influences really, everything taken as a whole. Also, significant, my personal and private experiences, really things that are intense, esthetic experiences, of seeing nature, viewing things. Recently, I listened to a project called Nine Beat Stretch, and it’s an artist from Norway or Denmark who said, well I’d like to create a project, take Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and stretch it over 24 hours. An interesting thing with Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, I heard that at one point it was the yardstick, the musical work that had been used to decide how long a CD would be. His symphony was the first composition to that date to last over an hour, it’s 63 minutes, or 69 minutes. So, when they said let’s make a CD, well we’ll make a CD that you can at least put Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony on, because it’s the longest symphony there was at the time. So, they took the Ninth Symphony – also, it was the first time that the human voice was used as an instrument, people were really … ! The human voice as instrument! The human voice had been used as an instrument before, but to use it in a symphony was something new, so he took Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and worked with programmers on different computer programs, because what he did is pretty complicated, slowing down an audio piece and maintaining the quality of the material, it’s impossible if you take a program like Pro Tools or Q Base. Time compression leaves a lot of artifacts on the material. So he worked in an other program that is called, I think, Lipsk, and the piece lasts 24 hours, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony lasts 24 hours. When I heard it the first time it was a pretty intense esthetic experience, I talk about it and I get the shivers. It really had an impact on me. It is so beautiful, you have to listen to it. Ninth Symphony, Nine Beat Stretch, go on the Internet, it’s really good. But experiences like that or of nature, walking the entire day in British Columbia’s forests, or going in the water. Yesterday I went to the beach here, it was pretty intense too, so there are so many things.