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Question 11: Which artists or artistic styles have influenced you? How does this play out, in concrete terms?


In terms of the texts in Même un détour serait correct, I’m alluding to the drawings of Goya and the paintings of Golub, an American painter who I like a lot and who did a series of paintings of mercenaries, of guerrilleros, gangs, paintings that are pretty… Anyhow, if I mention influences, Goya is somebody who influenced me a lot, they were in my texts. Bat Brains, a band from the late 80s that mixed Rasta and hard core punk. In terms of the arts, I’m interested in all interactive arts, David Rokeby is pretty interesting. A lot of influences. Saul Alinsky, really an influence in terms of performance, he’s not a performer, but a social animator, he writes a lot and he did a lot of work in the United States during the civil rights movement, and with projects with people. One time, at the Chicago Opera, Blacks couldn’t go to the opera, so they got together lots of people from different ethnic communities, communities who were active in working against poverty, and they ate baked beans all day long, from morning to night, because only White’s could go. So that group of Whites went to the opera, they bought tickets and they sat everywhere in the Opera. They farted, they farted in protest everywhere and the people… But actions like that, activism, it’s something that interests me, and Saul Alinsky did a lot of things that I was interested in, Augusto Boal, the artists of Fluxus, really everything that came about, I find that it’s a source of inspiration and admiration. But also of disgust or… really everything, everything influences me. I’m a sponge.