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Question 22: What orientation do you expect to pursue in your art?


For now I’m taking a break. I haven’t done anything in 6 months. I think that one day soon I’ll get back at it. I think that once in awhile you have to take a break. I’ve taken a break a few times and it has always been for the better. Because when I work, I work fast, and I produce a lot. I can do a great deal in a small period of time. But lately, I think that I’ve taken again a period of reflection, to back away from my work, in order to get back into it wholeheartedly. It’s not out of laziness or anything, it’s a decision, a choice that… at a certain point, we eat less, we go on diets, we loose a little weight, we put it back on. But I think that at some point you have to stop and clear the air and reflect a bit, think about the pollution that we have just finished creating, in some way, the visual pollution, so as to put things in order, our life, also for ourselves personally.