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Question 15: What motivates you to pursue a career as an artist? Why make art?


I don’t think I ever encountered any difficulties. Why make art? I think we have a role to play. Like I was saying in the beginning, I think for me it became a vocation and not an occupation. It’s not only making art also, you have to do it because you have a conviction, something to say. But I think that what is also important is what you want to generate. And that is not only with your work but it could be with the work of others or the ideas of others, or certain accomplishments… Like in the community here, when the Galerie Sans Nom began, I was part of it. When Galerie 12 started, I was part of it. Of course we started very early here. I mentioned Roméo and Herménégilde. André Thériault and Edward Léger when I arrived here in the area, and George Goguen. That was pretty much the group of artists that existed. We started a gallery, what was called a parallel gallery at the time. It was only open in the summer, it was Le Clapet, in Barachois. We sold antiques on one side of the stable in this barn, honey on the other, handcrafted products, upstairs, an art gallery. And Friday nights we brought in people like Raymond Guy LeBlanc who recited for the first time Cri de Terre, and the next day there were buses from Québec coming in. And, what we were doing back then, we made them crab sandwiches because it was the cheapest.