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Question 14: Why do you continue to live in Atlantic Canada instead of moving to an area that affords a larger distribution network for your art?


Firstly, I’ve had a job for the past thirty years. I’ve never wanted or planned to go to a big city. I love visiting a big city, I love going to New York 4-5 days, 6 days then to come back. I love going to Montréal or London or Brussels and coming back. Maybe it’s because of the fact that I spent the first 22 years of my life in a big city. I also think that I wouldn’t be able to not live by the water, by the ocean. The ocean is a bit like the desert, it changes all the time, it freezes, there are waves, no waves, it’s flat like a lake. It’s nature that moves every day. I could talk about distribution. I think that no matter where you are, a piece that is done by an artist, whether me or somebody else, will be distributed. In my opinion, if the work is important and valid, there will always be somebody to distribute it. Personally, I’ve sold many works in the region here in New Brunswick. But I mean that there are people that look after distributing my work, whether it’s Studio 21 in Halifax, and that doesn’t mean that they sell it in Halifax, they handle sales in the rest of Canada. I have another agency, or I had a dealer in Montréal that sold off my screen prints that I had done in a large number of editions and numbers. No, I think that there have been important artists who have remained in the Atlantic Provinces, Pratt or Colville for instance, and their work was distributed nationally and internationally.