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Question 1: When and how did you realize you wanted to be an artist?


From what I can recall it was around the age of 8. At some point my parents bought me woodworking tools and I started to saw the old furniture in the house we were staying in. So for me it was like my first creative act, I mean to want to bring the chairs to my height. The chairs were a little high, I was 8 or 9. I found them high enough that I decided to cut the chair legs so they’d be at my height, at my mother’s expense and to her great disappointment. I also had two older brothers who each had a camera, which I love, and I was able to buy one for myself later on, it was a Leica camera. They were both involved in photography and even had a darkroom at the time. So I kind of followed them into the darkroom even if photography became a medium for me only later on.