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Question 6: Have you used a number of different media? If so, how did you come to specialize in the media that you currently favour?


Well, I’ve always considered that art is a language and it’s also, in fact, working on the material. I’ve always liked to do things that are hybridised. To make a painting for example, then to add figurines, as I’ve done before, it’s something I find interesting because it combines sculpture and painting, in a way. I’ve done installation, I’ve done a large amount of things, but recently what I’ve done is painting mostly. I find that painting remains the greatest western form of art and when you confront painting, you’re still confronting language, culture and even civilisation, I would say. I think it’s truly a challenge to add something to such an old medium, a medium with so much history. It’s the primary medium, I believe. But I’ve really done many things.