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Question 5: How has your artistic practice or approach developed over the years?


At the beginning it was very eclectic, and it became a bit more specialised as time went on. One of the things that was very interesting that I became passionate about was printmaking. That comes from my way of thinking at the time: If I make a painting, at one point I’ll have to sell it for 500 dollars, so I’ll have to find somebody who has 500 dollars. At the time in Acadie, there were no collectors. On the other hand, I told myself. I can make a 50 dollar print and sell… make 10 of them and I’ll end up with 500 dollars. I was just mathematical about it. But beyond that, I think that one thing which I always found interesting, perhaps because I’m a writer, was the multiplication effect. I think there is a political process in prints, it’s a bit as if it was a handout, a political tract, you want to make a lot of them, to be able to give them out to many people, you want the information to be disseminated. I think that’s something that I’ve always been passionate about. That’s also why I got interested in writing.