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Question 3: When did you begin to actively create art?


I think that my first pieces of art were created when I was at l’Université de Moncton. In fact I was at Collège Saint-Joseph in Memramcook. That’s when I started to make paintings and sign them. Before that, I used to draw, I did all kinds of things but they were a sideline. I didn’t feel that I was doing pieces, that is something with a concept on which I was working, that had to reach a finality. But at the college, I started doing paintings. I started to do a bit of sculpture as well. But it became much more intense, of course, when I came to l’Université de Moncton, in the classes taught by Claude Roussel, where I understood at last what was a work of art, what it meant to make a painting. Before then, I had done a few things, but I didn’t have a complete notion of what a work of art can be.