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Question 22: What orientation do you expect to pursue in your art?


Right now, it’s something that I’ve often thought of, I’m thinking of creating syntheses. Because I’ve worked in cinema, literature, theatre, I would like to make syntheses. For example, I’d like to write a play where I could work with puppeteers, where I could do the sets, where we’d be improvising on the spot. I could write the dialog, etc. So finally it would be both a visual work and a written one. I produced a book called Vermeer where there was a fusion of cinema, literature and photography. So fusion works such as those. I’ve been thinking for years of a gallery poem that would be sort of like a video, with pictures as well. It would be writing that would not be a book, let’s says, that could not be transformed into a book, something that could only be presented in a gallery. So I’m moving in that direction, that is, syntheses or fusions between several forms of art.