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Question 19: Which of your pieces are you most satisfied with, and why is that so?


That’s the kind of question to which I’ve never been able to find an answer because in the end there is always a lot of steps in what I’ve done. Still there are things that I’ve done that had a broad scope. Such as the store, for example, called L’art à tout prix (Art at all costs), that is a kind of critical endeavour targeting art. With this, art, any form of art, has a price, and based also on the second concept of performance now having very little relevance in art today. It’s true. If you look at a Barnett Newman, his three stripes of colour, people say: Why did the National Gallery pay that much for that? So there’s something a bit disappointing in art. Because there was a time when performance was truly important. You were doing a portrait; it had to resemble the model. If it didn’t look like the person, your performance was not good. Nowadays, we say: Three bands of colour, anyone can do that. I think we’ve lost the sense of a performance because we have lost the sense of a problematic. Before, the problem used to be… well for instance, if you were doing a portrait, the problem was to produce a likeness of the person. So the problem was very clear, and if it wasn’t a good likeness well, you had failed in your work. Today, you see three bands of colour and you ask: What was the problem? What am I going to evaluate as a performance, because I’m able to do the same. So I’ve produced a piece on this that comes out as an ironical piece, a humorous piece. In art, that is rarely done, but I’ve done that. But looking at other areas, I feel it was some of the exhibits that I put together that I find more interesting, because they had a concept, on which the whole show hinged. The exhibition called Outremer was one that I found very satisfying. Diagrammes et Schémas was another that pleased me. In printmaking as well, I created a portfolio of engravings that I entitled Étant donné la courbe de l’univers (Given the curvature of the universe). That I found interesting, because these are pieces that took a lot of time, so I was able to put a lot of myself in them. So I find that interesting.