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Question 18: What is your purpose in art-making?


What I try to achieve is always communication, it’s something that has always been at the heart of everything I’ve done. That is, communicating something. Sometimes that’s easy and sometimes it’s really hard. Sometimes, you complete a piece and you think, that doesn’t make sense, or some things that were done very quickly, and people just love it. And some other piece that you have spent months or weeks on, and people don’t understand it. Maybe you’ve worked so long at it that you ended up killing whatever drive it ever had inside it. But basically I think it all comes down to communication; I mean that art is a language. The thing is to formalize, that is to give a structure to ideas, to concepts that remain pretty blurry for most people, but when they see it they recognize it. So recognizing something for me, that’s what communication is. I mean right now we are talking, you recognize the words I’m using, and therefore we are communicating from a certain baggage. In art the same thing happens: it can be colours, it can be shapes, it can be video images, but finally it remains something where communication is fundamental.