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Question 14: Why do you continue to live in Atlantic Canada instead of moving to an area that affords a larger distribution network for your art?


What I think is that if a piece is strong, it will end up finding its way. In any case, I think that we haven’t much control over that. It reminds me of the people who ask: Why make pieces out of cardboard? There’s a risk they’ll be destroyed. But we have figurines made of wax from Ancient Greece and plaster figurines from that time and masterpieces that were made to last for centuries and they’re extinct, so that’s a bit like what is happening here in the Atlantic region. Of course there are many problems, with our institutions, with the dissemination of works of art, with collection, etc. But then I think of people that have had absolutely brilliant careers that you never hear about anymore. Others have had totally obscure careers, such as Vermeer. That’s why this painter has so captured my interest. I find that he is one of humanity’s greatest painters, but he lived in a town called Delft, which could be like Moncton, and he was rediscovered later and there may be a total of 15 of his paintings existing, because people didn’t attach much important to his work. But today, he is one of the greatest painters. Meanwhile we have conserved I don’t know how many works of art that don’t hold much interest, in my view.