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Question 13: Does your everyday environment stimulate your creativity? In what way?


Yes it stimulates me to create because of its limitations. It’s true that if I lived in an environment where there was more art, I would be more exposed to art. That is what happened to me when I lived in Paris. I was always attending exhibitions. I was always outside of myself. I think that was interesting, but it turns us into consumers and not producers. When you live in cities, you tend to be a consumer, that is you go see many exhibitions and finally there is so many things and distractions around you that you don’t tend to make art. And that is what happened to me in Paris. During my entire stay there I may have produced about thirty pieces, over three years, and that’s not much at all. On the other had, I saw a tremendous number of exhibitions. So the fact that I live in this environment… it allows me to produce, in a way it stimulates me to produce. It’s also a way of saying that if I don’t create I will become extinct. Because creation is a force and if you don’t use it to create it will turn on you and destroy us. So to keep up with this force or demon that inhabits us – and I think this happens to all artists – I try to create as much as I can. I think that this is one of the more stimulating aspects of living here. As well, everything had to be done here, in Acadie, since the 70s, since the inception of l’Université de Moncton, a tremendous amount of things have gone forward, but that was because we had such a large amount of catching up to do. Nowadays things are more calm. But looking back at the 70s, those were effervescent years, but by now change and adjustments may have come about.