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Question 12: Are there any noteworthy events that influenced your career?


I don’t know if there were noteworthy events. I know there were teachers that have left a great mark on me, and they can be seen as noteworthy events. I feel that Claude Roussel, was certainly one of the professors that shaped me. I often refer to having had four fathers in art. The first was Claude Roussel, the second was Colin Campbell in Sackville, who opened my eyes to what modernity entailed, that is that anything could become an art material, that everything could become form. So that’s a concept… I mean, he always pushed us to the limit, so I found that quite interesting. The third I had was Bernard Tessel, my thesis director in Paris: with him we dealt with the more intellectual aspects, the level of reflection, once again a kind of provocation. The fourth was Nathan Lyons, in the United States, who was the director of the Visual Studies Workshop, who was an encyclopedia. I mean he had a broad visual knowledge in photography but also in other art forms, and who was also an art philosopher, so that was also very interesting, I found. So I think that meeting these four people are four events that have changed the course of my career.