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Question 10: Are there recurring themes or subjects in your art?


I think that angels are a bit of a main theme, and have been for a while. I don’t exactly remember how it happened. It also happened in literature, I started to write about angels. I found them interesting because in my childhood, I remember going to see the Nativity scene at Christmas with my mother, and they were one of the things that struck me. There were angels all around the manger and I thought that this was really beautiful. Maybe it was the idea, the association between the animal and the human. Because angels have wings and wings are more animal than human. Maybe that’s why they attracted my interest. It’s also the idea that I think we live in an extremely cynical era, very cruel and terrifying. I think that angels are a bit like guides and protectors. I think we’re living in times where we especially need guides and protection. So that may have come into account also. I think that in fact, if there is a theme that runs through the past 20 years, that would be it.