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Question 9: What do you find inspiring as an artist?


Well, I looked this up in the dictionary, inspiration. In theory, the artist can be inspired but the piece can also be inspired. When I look at art work, what I look for is, is that piece speaking to me, is this an inspired piece or not? So the object can be inspired too. My goal is to make sure the piece I’m working on is inspired. But you can bring in the way you feel, your feelings, your emotions, the way you feel your environment, people around you; that can vary. It can vary a lot, depending on the day, depending on what’s happening to you or…There’s a bunch of factors that make you feel one way or another. But I find that we can, looking back in time, see that certain pieces have been produced in spite of the artist’s circumstances. I like to believe this, that it’s not… You know, if you’re sick in bed, depressed, you won’t create artwork. We can say: Oh well, Van Gogh was depressed. Well, when you’re depressed you don’t make works of art. But people often have a kind of romantic attitude vis-à-vis artists and about the way they create their pieces. Often enough they’ll say: Sure, sure, he was depressed and he would cut his ear off and five minutes later he’d be painting to commemorate what just happened, or to speak about his anguish or whatever. Still, there’s a demarcation to be kept between artist and artwork, there’s a line between artist and artwork that we must respect.