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Question 8: How do you approach the creation of a new work? Do you have a specific method or way of initiating the process?


In my case, it‘s easy: I walk into my studio. I go in for a minute and I end up staying for 4 or 5 hours. Something grabs me when I’m in there with my images, my material and with the stuff I work with every day. A part of me gets involved but what surrounds me also imposes on the way I do things. I like to think I’m doing some sort of regular work, not like an electrician or a carpenter or a politician or a God knows what, say a plumber; what would we call this: a trade, but I like to say that I can keep a schedule and I can do the work from such time to such time, every day for the most part, with the time I have available. So, it’s only a matter of getting started and then events come about, one following the other. There’s always a beginning, middle and an end to the pieces but also in the approach to doing the pieces.