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Question 6: Have you used a number of different media? If so, how did you come to specialize in the media that you currently favour?


Well, let’s say that I mainly focused on the photography side. I was trained as a painter, my major was in painting so at the beginning I wanted to paint but from painting it evolved into creating images. We live in a world, especially in the 20th century, we live in a world where images dominate above all else. Images are being used for just about everything, to tell all, to justify our lives, in fact almost in a total way. So let’s say that for me the interesting thing was to work on the images, to approach the concept of images but in terms of: What was the meaning of the image for us in the 20th century, now; well, I’m talking about the 20th century and the 21st too, of course. But on a daily basis, how does this matter to me as an artist but also to a common man who looks at magazines or watches television or goes on the Web, etc. So it’s mainly that relationship, between my way of looking at pictures and the way pictures accentuate my way of thinking about the world I live in.