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Question 4: What formal studies or progression of activities did you pursue?


Regarding my schooling, well… Going back to secondary school, I was initiated to art classes, like many other students who were taking art as an optional course. Me, I just kept going, and took three classes instead of the only two offered. I struck a deal with the teacher if you will, so I could keep doing art at school. Afterwards I came here, to the Université de Moncton, for four years. That’s the bulk of my academic background: a BFA, an undergrad degree in visual arts. Regarding my evolution as an artist, as I was explaining earlier, just before the end of my studies, I began to be active on the artistic scene with several exhibitions. To be able to exhibit my work, I had to create a lot, and vice versa. Keeping up an artistic production gave me the opportunity to exhibit my work as soon as it was ready.