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Question 17: In your opinion, how could society provide better support for the dissemination and the development of visual arts?


It’s a question we must ask society. It’s difficult. Once again, the ultimate goal of the artist, my ultimate goal, is to make it so that works of art exist. Once that’s done I go on to the next step. I don’t feel responsible for all of the aspects that may concern interpretation, or the way the art is being seen and perceived by people in general. You have people who visit galleries, they do it so that they can play the game around the pieces, according to what’s in front of them, on how it was done. Like you got the general public, say a school comes and visits a gallery, they will see it another way. Let’s say there’s many aspects, there’s lots of ways to explore or to answer the question. Being an artist, I tell myself: we must simplify things and I have to focus on what we do and the rest, well whatever happens, happens. It’s a matter of being very much aware of my responsibilities, yet not to take on responsibilities that are not specifically mine. Often enough, people will throw things at you: Why don’t you do this, why aren’t you exhibiting here, why… Why don’t you go to a big city? Then often, we’ll get a lot of questions that are irrelevant. We must focus on what we must do. That’s a whole world in itself. You have a universe that can be either open or closed, but still you have to see it in its entirety and the way in which it is complete.