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Question 11: Which artists or artistic styles have influenced you? How does this play out, in concrete terms?


I am more into the works of art than into the artists. When I know the artists, I know them as friends, not as colleagues. So their work is what mainly influences me. It’s possible to really enjoy an artist but not their work or you might enjoy their work but not the artist, that’s possible too. So, I’m really inspired by the works of art; they give me all I need in terms of looking at a piece or talking about an overall work or a corpus of pieces generated by a given artist. Since I grew up in the 60’s most of my psychological and intellectual training took place then. To me, pop artists were important then. But I don’t like to think only in terms of visual art. I think music also had its importance, so did literature, theatre, opera, stuff like that. These elements are important to me. So, I like to think that I can pick from different sources for that. I really see myself like in a shopping mall of ideas or shapes let’s say. Or we can go back to prehistory or to the Romantic era or to the Baroque era. I think that’s what really matters is to have a wide-open mind and to see things for what they are and be able to say: Well, how can I use this thing, or not, in my work.