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Question 9: What do you find inspiring as an artist?


I think a lot of my inspirations is just from the environment that surrounds me. Place is a factor because I do live in a unique place in a small province, on the outskirts of a very large country that’s been around for a long time and has a lot of its own social quirks and idiosyncrasies. But I’m also very interested in the times that we live in. I find that there’s a lot happening and in this era of a new millennium just starting, there’s a lot of new developments coming, a lot of social changes. And, I try to absorb that and just see how that’s gonna impact on our lives, how it’s gonna change who we’re gonna be, how people are reacting to it. And, I’ve always found if you look through art throughout history it always carries a bit of a time signature. You can look at works from the 16th century and pretty much guess where it comes from. You can look at works from the 1920s and know within a decade probably when that was made. The same thing happens with the works now. I think, if anything, art does reflect the times that we live in. Everybody has a place where they make art, where they live and have very direct influences. But in a world in which I can know what’s going on in China at this given moment in time or even in outer space or anywhere around the globe, I think everybody is aware of that, and it’s impossible not to absorb that. Because we’re looking at the entire world now and I think as artists, we filter all those advances through your own specific experiences. And as an artist I see my job as trying to describe the world to people in a very personal way. I can’t talk about experiences that I haven’t got any familiarity with, so in the larger issues it’s always filtered through my specific and personal outlook as to what I see.