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Question 7: Did you develop a personal technique in the use of these media? If so, how would you describe it?


Some techniques I’ve developed myself. I’ve worked to gain income or employment in the construction industry so I’ve had the advantage to use a lot of those industrial techniques into my work and with those materials that I’m familiar with. And it’s also allowed me to foster relationships with other tradespeople and I’m able to access their advice on how to do particular processes. Usually they’re thrilled to participate in an art project too, because they make the same stuff every day, day in day out, and you throw a curve at them and contrary to what I would thought I would find, they’re usually quite thrilled to get involved and help me out. But some of the specific ones I’ve used… I do a lot of my underlying work out of wood, because I have the technology to pretty much take wood and shape it into any form I want. And, I’ve done a few pieces in burnt wood that are quite successful and I like the fact of making works with fire. It’s a very primal way to start shaping materials and to carve it. And it doesn’t necessarily destroy it, although that’s usually the final implication of a piece. Then I’ve used waxes and tars, which are very crude polymers, very crude plastics and they lend a certain physicality to some of the pieces that I’ve done.