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Question 6: Have you used a number of different media? If so, how did you come to specialize in the media that you currently favour?


As an artist I’ve mostly made sculptural works and sometimes if the sculptures get big enough they’re called installations, which is just a sculpture that has a lot of pieces to it. And, I will basically work in any material that I can find and get my hands on. My process is usually to design the piece and then I have to kind of engineer it and see what’s gonna work. It’s a bit like designing a chair I’m sitting in you know. If I want a chair well I need some support, I need to have something to sit on and I have to use materials that are appropriate to it. Now materials in themselves are important to me because I use them for their symbolic references, historically, and how they’ve been applied to art making in the past. But whether it’s wood, plastic, fabrics, steel, metal, found objects, I’ll try and work with anything. There’s a few risks when you go on to a craft process that you have no experience with because there’s a learning curve. But the more I’ve experimented and the more I played with different materials, the more I find that the craft process between the various techniques usually don’t vary that much. It’s a bit like cooking you know. If you’ve been trained to do French cooking and you try your hand at Italian, you have to learn a bit of the specifics to it, but the basic techniques are all there and established. And, as I get older, I’m far more patient now with the craft process, I don’t get frustrated so easily. I’ve learned to better accept the fact that it’s not gonna turn out perfect the first time and to be patient with it. I find that gives me a huge variety with what I can work with. Because I see any physical material that you come across in today’s society as fodder for art making, whether it’s things you find at the department store or things you find on the beach or in the street, are materials that you would use specifically for a project.